5 Best Digital Marketing Apps in Kenya

What is digital marketing apps in Kenya? Why is it important to business?

Digital marketing apps are powerful tools used by businesses in their campaigns.

They help you boost traffic, increase sales and get new clients. It’s a great way to promote your products or services when the competition is fierce on the market.

With more than 85% of internet users using mobile devices, nowadays online marketers can not afford to ignore this channel of promotion.

Best digital marketing apps go beyond just tracking conversions too – they provide insight into how people use a website so that you can make changes accordingly for increased conversions and a better user experience!

5 Free Online Marketing Apps in Kenya You Need

Here are some of the best online marketing apps in Kenya;

1). Canva –  Canva is a great tool to create an amazing design for your blog post image. It has hundreds of templates, and free stock photos that you can use without attribution or pay $12 per year with full access to all the images on Canva.

2). Mention –  Mention is a great tool to help you know who has shared your post or blog, and how many times. It offers Social Media Management tools as well so that you can schedule posts on multiple social media platforms at once without logging into each website individually.

3). Buffer –  Buffer is a great tool to help you schedule posts on social media. You can connect your Social Media profiles and schedule multiple posts across all of them at once.

4). Facebook ads manager app – The Facebook ads manager app is a great tool to help you manage your Facebook Ads directly on the platform. You can create new campaigns, add and edit products in existing ones, as well as view performance reports all from one place.

5). Google Analytics –   Google Analytics is a great tool to help you track your website performance. It helps you measure traffic, find the best sources that bring in new visitors and it also tracks where they are coming from (Facebook ads manager app) so that you can reproduce the success and capitalize on areas of improvement.

Why do you need apps? 

These apps are great because they help you manage your time by giving you the power to do everything from one platform. You can save hours of work and maximize your productivity with these amazing digital marketing tools that we recommend for all businesses out there!

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